Céline's story and our creative process

Céline was inspired by making clothes since a very early age. She liked to sew and craft almost since she could walk and speak but she would also love to fix all kinds of things around the house. She could have as well become an architect or an engineer but she combined both in dressmaking. Being part of a large family and seeing all the pregnant moms around her during her childhood naturally made her want to do maternity wear.
After many years of working for some of the fashion industry's most iconic brands such as Carolina Herrera, Chanel, Balmain, Nina Ricci, Alexander McQueen, Givenchy and more, Céline decided to start her own brand.
If what matters to you is that the clothes you wear are designed, engineered, tailored and manufactured using state-of-the-art techniques and highest couture standards.
If it matters to you that those who tailor your clothes are all empowered to succeed in their own lives and encouraged to live their personal ambitions.
Then, Céline Schira is the right brand for you.   
Because all of Céline Schira items are designed and engineered by Céline and made under her supervision in New York City.
The fabrics used are of highest quality, carefully chosen based on their long term properties sourced at premium vendors.
All the manufacturing is done in New York City factories at Céline Schira certified facilities because it is of capital importance to us that the products are made locally where we can ensure their respect of our ethics while carefully and thoroughly supervising the production quality by working hand in hand with the seamstresses.


At Céline Schira, we make-to-order all our products in our entrusted NYC ateliers because that is how we can ensure that the quality of each and every piece is in line with our state of the art manufacturing processes and standards.

From conception and design, through fabric selection, pattern making, cutting and sewing to the final product delivery, each step of the process is key in guaranteeing that the items will be satisfying our customers' desires and following the requirements of excellence that we share.  
We want you to feel comfortable, pretty, desired, cared for. 
But we also want you to know that by purchasing our products, you are supporting the local community of seamstresses and our principles to use select fabrics from carefully certified manufacturers.
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